Thoughts on the Think Ion 3G – Erik Borgnes

{Article shared from the Think Surfski Journal}

Many thanks to Wisconsin paddler Erik Borgnes for giving his thoughts on the Ion 3G. Erik has owned and/or paddled a huge variety of surfski models from all the major manufacturers, giving him great perspective on what feels right for him. A physician by trade, Erik’s technical knowledge on training and racing has always been highly respected in the paddling community, and thankfully he’s very generous in sharing that knowledge! He recently raced the Ion at an event in the northeast USA, and provides his feedback below.

Erik Borgnes: post-race thoughts on the new Gen 3 Think Ion

Initial thoughts: The cockpit is very well thought out. By this, I mean that the seat is a bit higher than it could be, but this is a good thing as it allows the seat bottom to be a bit wider and flatter and probably more comfortable for more people. It also doesn’t give you the feeling like you are sitting in a bucket – a feeling that’s all too common in low seat skis. The seat sides seem a good compromise between low for easier remount but not too low so the cockpit stays dry. Knee hump height is on the low to mid side. Footplate is very solid in feel without noticeable creaking or flexing, and at a good angle. The bow of the ski is mid to high volume and quite round in cross section – and kind of like a missile. The catch area is narrower and lower than it looks and I can’t remember hitting it at all with my paddle during the race.

Stability: Initial stability felt slightly lively while secondary was exceptional and came on very early due to the chined hull. The combination makes the ski feel like it’s loose and sitting on top of the water as opposed to being in a hole in the water.

Speed: It’s not possible for me to gauge its speed and glide accurately, because the water we raced on wasn’t flat and there was minimal current. My gut feeling, though, is that this ski is solidly in the category of sub-elite / advanced intermediate skis. It certainly didn’t slow me down.

Other thoughts: I found the 3G Ion easy and comfortable to paddle and a very well thought out ocean ski. It didn’t have any oddities or unwanted tendencies. In fact, when I was later asked for my thoughts on the ski, it occurred to me that the Ion essentially disappeared underneath me while I was racing – which is a good thing and probably exactly what you want to happen.

Learn more about the Think Ion 3G at the Think Kayak website

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