Eric Costanzo, Co-Owner

Pulmonary,Critical Care and Neurology Critical Care Physician
Director Critical Care Jersey Shore University Medical Center
Director Seas-it non-profit organization promoting Healthy living with Cancer

Team Member:
Mid-atlantic watermen sponsored athlete
Seas-it sponsored athlete and race coordinator
Spell Binders Surf and sport
Monmouth County Lifeguard National Competition team member

Top 20 finish Canadian Surf Ski Championships
2x Top 10 finish East Coast Surf Ski Championships, 2013, 2014
Surf Ski racing series top 3/bronze medal overall series winner 2015
3rd place New England Downwind Surf Ski Championship 2014
2nd place Barneget Bay Cup, Surf ski race
2nd Place Cape Cod downwind Surf Ski Championship 2015
2nd Place East Coast downwind paddle sports Championships, inaugural race 2015 and served as Race organizer, race director 1st place 2014 Battle Paddle Surf Ski Challenge
National Champion USLA lifeguard championships 2014
10x finalist and top 10 placements USLA 1000 meter spec ski race, national lifeguard championships
finalist Internatonal Ironman 1997,1999,2000,2001
2nd Place Top Guard competition 1996
National Silver Medalist Masters Division 2014 1000 meter spec ski race
Finalist top 16 finish Open mens Surf ski Championships 2014 1000 meter spec ski race
5x Mid-Atlantic regional Spec Ski Masters Surf ski Champion
10x Mid-atlantic regional open mens Silver medalist 1000 meter Surf Ski race
Cronulla, Australia guest competitor 1995-1996

Education both medically and with water safety
As a team member of Mid-atlantic watermen, education on surf ski racing, downwind racing and water safety
Spec surf ski training officer Monmouth County NewJersey
Seas-it non profit promoting healthy living and activity with cancer and promoting the sport of open water surf ski racing with an annual downwind championship race 2015-present
Heath and nutritional consultant with VO2 testing and performance enhancement


Matt Nunally, Co-Owner

USA National Surf Lifesaving Team
’10 – World Championship Team Coach(Alexandria, Egypt)
’08 – World Championship Team(Berlin, Germany)
’04 – World Championship Team (Viareggio, Italy)
’00 – World Championship Team (Sydney, Australia)
’90 – World Championship Team (Lubeck, Germany)
’90 – Pan Pacific Championship Team (Tokyo, Japan)

Monmouth County National Surf Lifesaving Team
’02 – World Interclub Championship Team (Daytona Beach, Florida)
’00 – World Interclub Championship Team (Sydney, Australia)
’96 – World Interclub Championship Team (Durban, South Africa)
’90 – World Interclub Championship Team (Lubeck, Germany)
’90 – Pan Pacific Championship Team (Tokyo, Japan)

20 x US National Lifeguard Champion (Surf Race, Surf Rescue Race, Landline, American Ironman, Taplin Relay, Board Rescue Race)
50 x Mid Atlantic Regional Lifeguard Champion

Team New Jersey Surf Lifesaving
’99-’01 World Ocean Games Team
2 x Surf Rescue Champion

Bradley Beach Beach Patrol – Bradley Beach, NJ
’86-present: Training Officer, Competition Team Captain